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I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon in private practice in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Ever since my national television debut on “Dr. 90210” in 2004, I’ve enjoyed appearing on numerous television programs including frequent appearances on “The Rachael Ray Show” and “The CBS Early Show.” I’ve also appeared on “The Doctors,” “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Fox and Friends,” and various specials on VH1 and E!. I have written articles for CNN.com, MSNBC.com and CBS News.com. My comments have appeared in dozens of magazines, including “US Weekly,” “In Touch Weekly,” and “The National Enquirer” My blog, www.celebcosmeticsurgery.com is the most popular blog by a plastic surgeon in the country and averages over 12,000 page views per day, with over 15 million page views in the past five years.

I’m a graduate of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, where much of IN STITCHES takes place. I completed my plastic surgery residency at the Michigan State University plastic surgery program. I then attached a U-Haul to my beat-up Toyota RAV-4 and headed out to Beverly Hills, California, where I completed an aesthetic surgery fellowship with a top celebrity plastic surgeon.

IN STITCHES is my first book, and has been one of my obsessions since finishing my medical training. For some reason most doctors will not acknowledge that at the start of medical school they were awkward, queasy fawns who vomited outside the anatomy labs, fainted in the operating rooms, and peed on the sides of cars after keggers. What changes us all is the accumulation of events and experiences that make up medical school. IN STITCHES presents a peephole into that world.

With the exception of Samuel Shem’s novel The House of God, most medical books I’ve read are overwrought and semi-true, with titles such as The Five People I Sent to Heaven.  Medical shows on TV are no better, as they present doctors who are saints, sinners, or arrogant, know-it-all geniuses. It’s funny, but the screwball comedy Scrubs got more right than ER, Grey’s Anatomy, and House combined.

With IN STITCHES, I wanted to lift the veil of secrecy that hides much of what goes into a medical education.  In our society, medicine and its image are sacred cows, especially within the profession itself. There is a one-dimensional party line about the piety of the healing arts and its practitioners.

I bust that myth apart.

With IN STITCHES, I put my journey of growing up an awkward Asian American and becoming a doctor under the microscope, revealing everything,  warts and all.

If you’ve bought IN STITCHES, I’d like to sincerely say “thank you.” Thank you for spending your hard-earned money to read about my story. My hope is that this book makes you laugh a lot, cringe at times, and maybe even cry a little. And, if you do laugh, cringe, or cry, please feel free to let me know about it. You can reach me via email at miplasticsurgeon@yahoo.com or friend me on Facebook. If you didn’t like my book, then please keep it to yourself.


I’ve been a writer practically my whole life, beginning with a novel I wrote in the sixth grade. IN STITCHES is the ninth book I’ve published. I’ve also written BARACK LIKE ME, (with David Alan Grier), CANCER ON $5 A DAY (with Robert Schimmel), JUST A GUY (with Bill Engvall), THE KINDERGARTEN WARS, THE HOLY THIEF (with Rabbi Mark Borovitz), TEN ON SUNDAY, SPORTS TALK, and INSIDE THE MEAT GRINDER. Before I wrote books, I spent twenty-five years writing television for shows such as “Married…With Children,” “The Nanny,” “Mork and Mindy,” “Family Matters,” “Step by Step,” “Angie,” and “What’s Happening,” and television movies including “Angels in the End Zone” and “High School U.S.A.” I live in Pacific Palisades, California.

Please visit me at my website: www.alaneisenstock.com


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