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Full of heart and humor, a memoir about becoming a doctor that’s unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

All Tony Youn ever wanted was to fit in. One of two Asian‑American kids in a small midwestern town, he was tall and thin with Coke‑bottle glasses, Hannibal Lecter headgear, a bowl cut, and a protruding jaw that grew even faster than his comic‑book collection. He finally got his chance senior year as he lay strapped in an oral surgeon’s chair having his jaw broken and reset—a brutal makeover that led him to his calling.

Egged on by his overachieving Korean father (“Doctor never get fired.”), Tony spent the next four years mired in the angst, flubs, triumphs, nonstop studying, intermittent heavy drinking, and sexual frustration of medical school. He entered a shy, skinny nerd with no nerve, no game, and no clue. He left a doctor.

Heartwarming and laugh‑out‑loud funny, In Stitches is a universal coming‑of‑age story about a kid who found the best in himself by bringing out the best in others and finally learned to be comfortable in his own skin.

In Stitches has been chosen as a 2012 Michigan Notable Book.

Rave Reviews for In Stitches:

“Full of fascinating stories and laced with self-deprecating humor in the midst of dark desperation, providing a refreshing insight into medicine.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Laugh-out-loud.” – USA Today

“Funny and disarming.” — Detroit Free Press

“A funny, sometimes painful, sometimes heartwarming recount of Dr. Youn’s experiences on the road to becoming a doctor… Scrubs Meets David Sedaris.” — Huffington Post

“Rarely has the chaotic, exhausting, Kafkaesque world of the med student been so faithfully, and hilariously, portrayed.” — Book Reporter


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